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About Town and Gown

The mission of Town and Gown is to strengthen relationships between the University of Central Florida and the community.
Everything we do must tie into the mission.

The Beginning
• Founded in 1982
• Volunteer — friendship-based as opposed to fundraising group
• Comprised of Town (Central Florida community members) •and Gown (UCF community members)

• Board of directors adopted 60% town and 40% gown goal for active membership; the council is a community-based organization
• Membership not automatic
• Targeted guests encouraged

• To provide a forum for connecting the Town and Gown
• To provide information about the university
• To encourage the building of relationships

Role of an Ambassador
• Keep informed about the university
• Spread the Word about the university’s accomplishments
• Connect the university and the community

• To develop friendships in an intimate setting
• To create excitement about programs and people
• To come away with meaningful knowledge
• To develop network

Looking Forward
• Increase partnering with other UCF entities
• Target membership and institute mentor program
• Target audience for programs
• Continue community-wide events
• Increase student involvement

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